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  • Battered Hulk Sticker

    Battered Hulk

    Do you feel beat down? Want to express how life is seemly beating you up lately? Then there is no sticker that more aptly expresses that emotion than our Battered Hulk Facebook Sticker. This Sticker is what the Hulk looks like after that massive fight in Manhattan during the Avengers. Showing this sticker to your friends will express how tired you are. Especially if you are burden down with tons of homework, or a massive project at work. Use this Hulk Sticker and the other person you are chatting with will understand immediately how you feel.

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    Crazy Ironman Sticker

    Crazy Ironman

    Don’t you love it when you are in a silly and goofy mood? How awesome would it be to live in the shoes of Ironman, having all his finances at your disposal, especially when you are in a silly mood? While many of us will not have money of Tony Stark, we can at times get a little goofy, and to help express that feeling use this Crazy Ironman Sticker in your Facebook messages. When you use this sticker people will know that you are in a goofy mood and to act accordingly.

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